Caged Muay Thai – A fighters journey
Muay thai has been a part of Thai history and heritage for hundreds of years, as with most traditions from ancient times. Many different versions of the history of Muay thai exist, but all sources agree that Muay thai was the primary and most effective method of self defence used by Thai warriors on the battlefields of conflicts and wars that occurred countless times throughout the history of the nation now known as Thailand.
John Wayne Parr took the sport to another level and brought it into the cage where he began his legacy of CMT Caged Muay Thai. Fighters go head to head in “the art of eight limbs” with 6oz gloves and battle it out in a test of sprit, heart and skill.
This series of images was created to show what each fighter goes through in the ring. By capturing the before and after photos of each fighter your able to see the effects this brutal combat sport has on the body, every one of these fighters are warriors and I have much respect for anyone with the courage to step into the ring.

My Role Photography, Retouching