My name is Dave Paull and i’m a digital artist and enjoy the art of capturing images and when necessary crafting them into something amazing.

Born in Sydney, I spent much of my time in my early teens behind the lens of my Dads old Minolta. Furthered my love of art on the Gold Coast where I studied to be a Graphic Designer and developed a keen eye for design digital compositions.

Travelled the world with a camera in hand and developed a passion for adventure, nature and the mountain life where I spend time refining my photographic skills shooting my way between ski resorts around the world.

My goal is to create images and art that motivates us to find out more about the product, service or event that is being advertised. I focus on capturing images that is beyond the expectations of the brief supplied. I look at all aspects of a shoot and work out how each image is going to be used from a design point of view, so I can shoot and composite the most versatile solution for my client.

Im based on the Gold Coast with a beautiful wife and 2 awesome kids who inspire me every day to reach my goals. I am the lead marketing photographer/digital artist for Village Roadshow Theme Parks and have been blessed to work on some amazing projects.

I look forward to being challenged and to create more beautiful work.